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As the future of health care hangs in limbo, so do many couples’ marriages. For couples across the nation, the determination to repeal and replace health care will have far reaching influence on whether or not they should stay married in order to keep their health insurance.  According to financial planners and divorce attorneys, the

Though January is often declared as “Divorce Month,” a new study reveals that the most common months for divorce filings are March and August. March and August Deemed “Divorce Months” Study results recently released by the University of Washington Researchers might prove that March and August are the new “Divorce Months.” Prior to the study,

A recently released study from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh suggests a divorce in which the parents separate and then do not communicate can raise a child’s risk of getting more colds when they are in adulthood. Can Divorce Harm Your Child’s Immune System? The study found children of parents that separated and did not

One of the hardest parts of the divorce process is, undoubtedly, figuring out child custody arrangements. When it comes down to making decisions, the court will always rule in the best interests of a child, even when those best wishes go against a parent’s wishes. Child Custody – Then and Now Over the years, “child

Bruce Dyson’s divorced parents have decided to focus on co-parenting – by agreeing to take family portraits every year – as a family. Co-Parenting with Family Portraits When Victoria Baldwin and ex-husband Adam Dyson realized that the tension between them following their separation was causing their son Bruce anxiety they decided it was time to

What to Avoid During Your Divorce

Wednesday, 28 December 2016 by

We’ve all heard the divorce horror stories. Perhaps a family member or friend is going through one. They fill our news almost daily. When multimillionaire and billionaires divorce no expense or tactic is spared. But even for those with moderate incomes and little to decide on, “simple” divorces can turn into legal battle royales whise

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Co-parenting is difficult, but it can be even harder during the up-coming months. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, Hannukah, and all the other family gatherings, it can be incredibly hard to determine how your child will be spending the most important days of the year. But what can parents do to offset the negative

What Happens to the Wedding Ring?

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 by

A wedding ring is a symbol of marriage, not divorce. So what happens to those rings when a couple decides to end their marriage? What Happens to the Wedding Ring? A wedding ring, specifically if it was purchased by both spouse’s, can become a bit of a sticking point when it comes to a divorce. There

Divorce and Social Media

Tuesday, 01 November 2016 by

Once something is online, or captured in social media, or even via a text, the evidence of it can live forever. It’s a consideration we all should take into account, and can play an even bigger role if you are getting divorced. Divorce and Social Media This fact is something that Anthony D. Weiner, a former