Bam Margera Requests Divorce Dismissal

Bam Margera Requests Divorce Dismissal

Former Jackass star Bam Margera has recently made headlines by requesting the dismissal of his divorce from estranged wife Nikki Boyd. This article will delve into the details surrounding this development, examining the reasons for Margera’s request, as well as the implications for both parties involved. By analyzing various reference articles on the topic, this article aims to provide a thorough examination of this ongoing legal battle.

Overview of the Situation

Bam Margera, a 43-year-old former Jackass star, is currently in the midst of a divorce from his estranged wife Nikki Boyd. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Margera filed to have the divorce dismissed while simultaneously attempting to move up the next hearing. The reality star claims that his ex is not allowing him to see their young son Phoenix, although she countered in her own filing that his lack of visits is due to his poor behavior. The next scheduled hearing in his divorce case is set for July 11.

Margera’s Rationale for Dismissal Request

Margera’s primary reason for requesting the dismissal of his divorce is that he claims to have never been legally married to Boyd. He stated in documents obtained by People that Boyd had never taken or used his legal name and that they had “never been married, legally or otherwise.” The couple had a wedding ceremony in 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland, with Margera subsequently posting a video of the nuptials to YouTube. However, it is unclear if the couple had legal documentation of the union from Iceland or if they ever obtained a wedding license in the US.

Boyd’s Response to Margera’s Claims

Boyd’s attorney informed Page Six that she had been under the assumption that they had been legally married for years following the ceremony in Iceland. Her lawyer, David Glass, explained that Boyd was told the wedding would occur in Iceland and that everything was taken care of. The couple then returned to the US and lived as a married couple for years, with Boyd believing Margera had handled all necessary paperwork.

The Concept of Putative Spouses

In the event that Margera and Boyd were not legally married, they might still be considered “putative spouses” under California law. This term refers to a technically invalid union in which the parties believed themselves to be married and entered into the arrangement in good faith. This classification could have implications on the legal proceedings surrounding their divorce.

Boyd’s Conditions for Visitation

In response to Margera’s filing, Boyd claimed that he can still visit their son Phoenix, provided he is in California at the time and sober. This appears to be a thinly veiled shot at Margera, who has spent time out of state and on the East Coast in recent months, which would seemingly make visitation impossible under the current rules. Boyd’s attorney told TMZ, “Mr. Margera continues to claim to be the ‘injured’ party because he isn’t seeing Phoenix – even though he placed himself 3000 miles away after exposing the child to abuse and drug/alcohol abuse.”

Margera’s Struggles with Substance Abuse

Although Margera claimed in late April that he was done drinking alcohol, his brother has accused him of having a methamphetamine habit. Jess Margera stated in a tweet that Bam is “unrecognizable” since his meth habit and that he doesn’t “know what [Bam is] capable of.” This revelation adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing divorce proceedings and the issue of visitation with their young son.

Earlier this month, Bam Margera turned himself in after criminal charges were filed against him. He is accused of assaulting his brother and making terroristic threats to other family members. The skater was released on $50,000 bail after entering a not guilty plea. These legal issues may further impact the outcome of the divorce case and visitation rights with his son.

The Impact of Divorce on Margera’s Career

Margera’s ongoing divorce and legal troubles have undoubtedly had an impact on his career in the entertainment industry. With a reputation built on his antics as a member of Jackass, these recent developments may tarnish his image and make it challenging for him to find work in the future. This could have financial implications for both Margera and his estranged wife, particularly if spousal support or child support payments are required.

The Divorce Process in San Diego, California

The divorce process in San Diego, California, where Margera and Boyd’s case is being heard, typically involves several steps. These include filing a petition for dissolution of marriage, serving the petition and any required accompanying documents, and waiting for the response from the other party. The process can be lengthy and complex, particularly when children or significant assets are involved. Margera’s request to have the divorce dismissed adds another layer of complexity to an already convoluted process.

Implications for Custody and Visitation Rights

If the divorce is dismissed, the implications for custody and visitation rights for Margera and Boyd could be significant. With allegations of substance abuse and criminal behavior leveled against Margera, it is possible that the court may not grant him the same level of access to his son as he might have under different circumstances. The outcome of this case remains to be seen, but it is clear that the situation is highly contentious and far from resolved.

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The ongoing divorce case between Bam Margera and Nikki Boyd is a multifaceted and complex situation, with numerous factors at play. From Margera’s request to dismiss the divorce due to the alleged lack of a legal marriage, to Boyd’s insistence on visitation conditions and accusations of substance abuse, the case has captured significant attention. As the case unfolds in San Diego, California, the ultimate outcome remains uncertain. However, one thing is clear: this tumultuous situation will likely have a lasting impact on both Margera and Boyd’s lives, as well as the life of their young son, Phoenix.