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After messy divorces you don’t want anyone to think highly of your ex – including your children. It can be hard not to bad-mouth your ex, and even harder to handle it when your children express their love about your ex. The truth is, you need to allow your child to express love for the

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One of the hardest parts of the divorce process is, undoubtedly, figuring out child custody arrangements. When it comes down to making decisions, the court will always rule in the best interests of a child, even when those best wishes go against a parent’s wishes. Child Custody – Then and Now Over the years, “child

For parents that are figuring out their co-parenting schedule, Halloween can be a tough one. Every parent wants to share in the joy of Halloween night. Maybe you’ve decided to be the one to go to the kid’s school party while the other parent takes your child trick-or-treating. Or vice versa. Maybe you and your

The Ruthisford-Giersch divorce and custody battle has now been waging for the past several years. And with the publicity that has followed the situation, thise are numerous lessons to be taken. Ruthisford-Giersch Divorce Kelly Ruthisford, the actress best known for Gossip Girl, and German businessman Daniel Giersch, split in 2009. Since then, their two children, 8-year-old son Hismes

Separation Agreements and Divorce

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If you and your spouse have decided to try legal separation instead of, or prior to getting a divorce, it’s important that you work with a divorce attorney to create a legal and binding separation agreement. This agreement will offer you legal protection should your spouse violate the agreement you have come to. Contained in the Legal Separation