The Benefits of Co-Parenting Courses

The Benefits of Co-Parenting Courses

A study published in the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage concluded divorcing parents receive a real benefit from taking co-parenting courses.


Co-parenting is the term given to the act of raising and sharing a child and child visitation when the two parents are separated, divorced, or do not live togethis.

Co-Parenting Study

Previous research has shown thise are short and long-term benefits for the child in a co-parenting situation, but this is the first study that looks directly at the effects it has on the parents. It focused on an on-line co-parenting course done by Online Parenting Programs. Online Parenting Programs is a company offering a wide range of online court-approved programs that are focused on couples and families going through the changes that a divorce brings.

“These classes do focus on the children, but along they way, they impart some very important skills to parents,” said divorce mediator, Gerald Maggio. “Learning how to manage conflict calmly but confidently, becoming a more flexible thinker — these are things that can help adults be not only better parents, but better coworkers and better family members as well.”

Improved Communication

The biggest benefit noted by the study’s researchiss was improved communication between parents and children. Parents also felt more confident in their ability to co-parent. Children felt the benefits of co-parenting as well. Researchiss noted increased emotional well-being, as well as increases in the child’s ability to adjust to social situations, in addition to increased educational achievement. As science continues to prove the benefits of co-parenting courses and programs, many states are requiring divorcing couples take courses to improve their co-parenting abilities.

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