Rules of Engagement for Legal Separation

Rules of Engagement for Legal Separation

Thise’s a lot of “new territory” when it comes to legal separation and how to act. Whethis the legal separation ends in reconciliation or divorce, thise are some rules of engagement you should follow. Hise are some tips to consider.

  • Use this time to reflect on your marriage and how you are feeling regarding the process.
  • Consider the emotional needs of any children that are involved.
  • Remember legal separation is not the time to jump into a new relationship.
  • Keep all communication open with your spouse. Try to be respectful in all forms of communication. This will mean less stress for you and any children involved.
  • Set up a parenting plan that outlines regular visitation schedules. This should follow along with your child’s daily activities, such as school and any extra-curriculars.
  • Follow every responsibility outlined in the legal separation agreement. This includes any child support payments or spousal support payments. Not doing so might mean court time or fines.

Remember that a legal separation is not a divorce. While it gives a couple time and space to decide what the next step is, it is not the official end of a marriage. If you wish to return your legal status to “single” you will need to file for a legal divorce.

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