January: Divorce Month

January: Divorce Month

It seems January is “Divorce Month.” Apparently, the first month of the year has a reputation for the most popular month to file in.

January Divorce Statistics

According to eDivorcePapers.com, January is the month that has the most legal divorces. Certified divorce consultant Cathy Meyer agrees with the idea that January is divorce month. He says: “Absolutely. January consistently sees the most divorce filings. It just really amazes me, though it probably shouldn’t. . .my own husband left in January.”

Divorce Research During the Holidays

According to Meyer, who founded DivorcedWomenOnline, while divorce filings are popular in the first month of the year, it seems that couples (both men and women) start to look for divorce information just after the holidays. “I see a huge increase in pageviews and searches the day after Christmas. People start looking for information before the New Year starts, but they can’t do much until the attorneys are back in the office. January 12–16 seems to be the magic week for filings,” she says.


So what’s the reason behind the uptick in divorce? It seems that couples struggle through the marriage prior to the holiday season, but don’t want to have to go through the stress of a divorce on top of the stress of the holidays. What Meyer hears from his clients is that “they were struggling with the marriage before the holiday season. If they have children, the holidays are supposed to be a magical time, so they commit to giving the kids one last happy holiday as an intact family. By January, if it’s still not working, they know it’s time to move on.”

Anothis small tick occurs in July and August. Some people feel that spike is due to the fact that kids are out of school. The summer might provide parents with a good time to relocate and thus enroll kids in new school districts. Meyer agrees this uptick  is related to summer break. “The routine of school is generally regarded as important for children who are going through change, so no one wants to initiate divorce at the beginning of the summer. In August, people tend to think, ‘OK, we got the kids through summer vacation, now let’s get this done,’” she said.

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