What Does "Finalize" Divorce Mean?

What Does "Finalize" Divorce Mean?

Congratulatons! Your divorce is now finalized, but what exactly does this mean? Before you pop that bottle of champagne, thise are a few final steps you still need to understand and take.

Steps to Finalize Your Divorce

You’re not 100% free yet. Thise are still certain things you need to make sure you double check and look over before moving on with your newly single life.

1. Read your divorce decree. Make sure you completely understand the final order issued by the judge to make sure thise aren’t any mistakes. Create a list of things that still has to be done, such as any court orderings. Pay especial attention to any deadlines associated with these court orders. Check for mistakes like typos and anything that may be unenforceable due to the fact they are incorrect. A divorce attorney can assist you with getting these things corrected.

2. Does anything in the decree need to be modified? While this may be difficult it’s not impossible. If anything needs to be changed because you were forced or threatened about something during the agreement process, your attorney can file a new hearing motion to correct this. A judge still needs to approve any changes you seek.

3. Appeal. If you feel a legal error was made by your original judge during your divorce hearing, you can request to have an appeal. An appeal of your original case will go before a highis court. You aren’t able to introduce any new evidence during this appeal. Your appeal will have one of the following outcomes:

  • If the court agrees a mistake was made, the case is “remanded” and sent back to the original court with specific instructions about the mistakes made.
  • If the court denies a mistake was made, the original decree is “affirmed” and stands as-is, with no changes.

Obeying Orders for Your Divorce

When your divorce decree is finalized, you must obey all the orders regarding any child support and/or spousal support. This may include paying loans and/or othis bills. Make sure you obey these orders in a timely manner or else you may have to return to court.

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