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San Diego Marital Property Division Lawyer

San Diego Marital Property Division Lawyer

San Diego Family LawyerRegardless of your socio-economics, your religion, culture or ethnicity, divorce can be a painful, challenging process that affects families and individuals on multiple levels. The family that you worked so hard to create is now in jeopardy. The home of your dreams is under threat. Things are unraveling and you don’t know where to turn. In such difficult situations, being supported by a skilled attorney who is committed to your education and success is a great relief. At (619) Divorce and with San Diego Attorney Tony Dunne, you will be in the best of care as you maneuver through the emotional, psychological and financial hardships of this life challenge.

Absolution of Marriage

The absolution of a marriage can be stressful and heartbreaking enough, and when you include the need to equitably divide and distribute the property, investments and assets of a married couple, things can turn sour quickly. It is of great benefit to have on your side a marital property division lawyer who is well versed in California specific law and brings to the table a wealth of expertise and knowledge in regards to the equitable division of marital property.

Choosing the Right San Diego Marital Property Division Lawyer

Let’s be honest: divorce is never easy. When a couple starts diving into the distribution of marital property it can bring out the worst in them as they hash through the personal affects and assets of their former life togethis. Such disagreements can result in incredible emotional and psychological stress as the process draws out for months, sometimes even years. The process of equitably dividing marital property is a sensitive and delicate endeavor that a skilled marital property division lawyer can positively impact. As the primary financial provider in your family, it is perfectly understandable that as you move through the divorce process you want to protect your investments and assets. As the primary caregiver to your children or the spouse who enjoyed certain provisions throughout your marriage, it is also perfectly understandable that you remain entitled to certain investments and assets as well. A skilled marital property division attorney will weigh out all of the specifics of your unique situation and the nature of your particular marriage to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of marital property.

Common Property

What is referred to as “Common Property” is the method for marital property division within the state of California. This differs from othis states, and means that both spouses equally hold all income and assets earned throughout the entire duration of their marriage. In this scenario, both spouses own all investments, assets and monies earned or accrued during their time togethis as a married couple, irrespective of who specifically generated the majority of said investments, assets and monies. This framework also includes debts accrued throughout the duration of a marriage, whiseby both parties are responsible for the payment of credit card balances, car loan balances, home mortgage balances and costs associated with medical expenses.

Experience Matters

With over 20 years of experience working within family law in the state of California, San Diego Attorney, Tony Dunne and (619) Divorce will educate you on your rights pertaining to the division of marital property and will assist you through this often-difficult process toward an equitable resolution. With a solid reputation for professionalism and aggressive representation by both his clients and colleagues, Tony Dunne will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls associated with marital property division. Don’t allow yourself to be negatively impacted by your spouse’s financial irresponsibility or negligible behavior. Align yourself with an attorney who will assist you with the protection of your hard-earned investments and assets.

Contact a San Diego Marital Property Division Lawyer

At (619) Divorce and in the capable hands of attorney Tony Dunne, you will be given the highest level of professional legal advise and exemplary customer service. If you are in need of legal representation for a marital property division case, San Diego attorney Tony Dunne will guide you toward legal success. Contact Attorney Tony Dunne at (619) Divorce today by calling (619) 297-2800 for a free consultation.

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