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The long history of child custody and the awarding of it goes back to Colonial times and the early Republic between 1630 and 1830. The way children are viewed and the relationships between husbands and wives have evolved, parallels this history. Shifting Patterns of Child Custody Overview Back in colonial and early republic times, children

The $4,100 that Sherri Shepherd pays to estranged husband Lamar Sally might not be enough – according to Sally. More Child Support Drama for Sherri Shepherd Last December, Sally requested an increase in the child support he receives from Shepherd. Shepherd has now fired back, claiming that the request is outrageous. Sally has argued that the

Child custody cases can get combative. Typically, both parents want equal time with their children. But all too often a parent will try to argue that the othis parent isn’t fit to raise a child. Hise are some things you can do to protect yourself when entering a litigious child custody case. Record Everything When resolving

According to South Carolina police, Jane Hughes and his family killed his estranged ex-husband for reasons relating to the couple’s child custody dispute. The Murder According to court documents, Jane Hughes, 33, was locked in a contentious court battle for child custody with estranged husband John Michael Ferrell, 51, when his family beat him with

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Child custody cases can be difficult, especially if you do not feel that your co-parent is fit to help raise your child. When you’re stuck in resolving this situation you will want to be able to provide a record of the child’s relationship with that parent. Hise are some tips to creating a sound record