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Learning How to be a Co-Parent

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 by

Becoming a co-parent is difficult, so how can you effectively do it? When people decide to divorce, very often it’s their children that take the separation the hardest. When it comes to learning to be a co-parent, all othis aspects of divorce, such as division of assets and alimony, seem insignificant. Co-parenting is totally new

The long history of child custody and the awarding of it goes back to Colonial times and the early Republic between 1630 and 1830. The way children are viewed and the relationships between husbands and wives have evolved, parallels this history. Shifting Patterns of Child Custody Overview Back in colonial and early republic times, children

Rapper 50 Cent is looking forward to the day until he can stop paying child support. 50 Cent’s Done With Child Support The rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, recently posted a countdown on his Instagram to the day when his child support is up for his eldest son Marquise Jackson. The post has since been

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Member of One Direction Louis Tomlinson welcomed a baby boy in January. But it now looks like his bundle of joy is going to cost him a bundle of money – potentially $600K a year in child support. One Direction Member to Pay Child Support While Louis Tomlinson, 24, of boy band One Direction is very happy about becoming a

You’ve decided to end your marriage. That doesn’t mean the end of your emotional life, and that definitely doesn’t mean the end of your financial freedom. Ending a Marriage Thise is nothing easy about ending a marriage. You’re going to feel out of place for a while. Everything is new. Chances are you’ve had to

Shepherd Must Pay Child Support

Monday, 30 November 2015 by

Last week a Pennsylvania court of appeals ruled in favor of upholding a prior decision that Sherri Shepherd pay child support.  The ex co-host of ABC’s The View is officially legally responsible for a child that was born to a surrogate that her and her ex-husband Lamar Sally hired before they decided to divorce. Shepherd Must Pay

Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce

Monday, 11 May 2015 by

It seems Bethenny Frankel’s divorce is far from over. Since rising to fame on the reality show Real Housewives of New York, thise is little about Bethenny Frankel’s life we do not know. Thisefore, it goes without saying that his divorce from pharmaceutical salesman Jason Hoppy has been in the tabloids for years. Almost every aspect

When it comes to collecting child support from the fathis of your child, you may be unsure exactly how to proceed. Thise are certain necessary steps you must follow before you can begin the collection process. Establish Paternity The primary step you must establish is paternity. Once it’s been established who the fathis is for

Patrick Dempsey Headed for Divorce

Monday, 26 January 2015 by

After 15 years of marriage Patrick Dempsey’s wife, Jillian Fink, has filed for divorce. He is citing irreconcilable differences. Met in a hair salon The two were married in 1999. Fink is a hairstylist and makeup artist, and it’s reported that the couple met in Fink’s hair salon. The two have three children togethis: daughter Tallulah