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Divorce litigation can be emotionally and psychologically stressful, and the issue of determining child support is often a key factor that contributes to disagreements between divorcing spouses or separated parents. As a parent, you will want to understand completely your rights as eithis the recipient of child support or the parent responsible for legally making regular child support payments. Having the support of a skilled child support attorney will be to your benefit as you maneuver through the often-convoluted litigation process of not only divorce, but securing appropriate child support.

Regardless of whethis you are the primary caregiver for a child or are deemed by the courts to be the primary financial provider, the process of determining child support will ultimately affect both parties. Child support is generally paid on behalf of a child until the point of the child’s 18th birthday, at which point he or she is no longer deemed a minor. Child support is defined as the sum of money required by the state to be paid on behalf of a minor to the primary caregiver by the primary financial provider. Such payments cover the child’s basic requirements for adequate food, shelter, clothing, health care, educational costs and miscellaneous expenses.

Calculating the Amount of Child Support

The amount of child support required in payment by the primary financial provider to the primary caregiver will differ for each case based on a series of considerations. Legally, parents are required to pay child support for their own biological children only unless they have legally adopted a non-biological child. Installments of child support are paid to a primary caregiver based on a child’s age, specific health and educational needs and to maintain an overall standard of living for the child that reflects his or his living situation when the parents were still togethis as a family unit. Consideration of a primary caregiver’s and a primary financial provider’s net monthly income is used to determine a suitable child support amount, as well as potentially including a percentage of an annual salary or annual bonuses.

The Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act

The Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act, insures that a parent is responsible for paying a certain amount to be put toward a child’s necessary living requirements. A judge will carefully take into consideration the emotionally, psychological and physical condition of a child and his or his specific needs in regard to education or health. Othis unforeseen expenses may also be taken into consideration for child support period payments such as extracurricular activities, private school expenses, camp enrollment, sports and enrichment activities and experiences.

Infractions of Child Support

In some cases, a parent deemed primary financial provider will ignore his or his legal requirements for providing regular child support payments. An infraction of one’s legal responsibility to provide child support may result in one being held in contempt of court, subjected to severe fees and potential incarceration. The Federal Parent Locator Service was established by Congress as a means to insure the enforcement of child support obligations by a primary financial provider. According to Federal law, it is unlawful to willfully refuse payment of child support obligations. Under such circumstances, guilty parties may face federal prosecution that can result in lofty fines as well as a potential prison sentence of up to 2 years if deemed a criminal felony offense.

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