San Diego Collaborative Law & Divorce Mediation Lawyer

San Diego Collaborative Law & Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Divorce litigation can be a financially crippling endeavor that has the potential to drag on for months, sometimes even years. It can be devastating to children and often takes a significant toll on participating parties health and wellbeing. In tandem with divorce law, the growing fields of collaborative law and divorce mediation are increasing as viable solutions to the often lengthy and costly divorce process.

Conisdering a Mediation & Collaboration Attorney

Many spouses now considering divorce are leaning in the direction of possible mediation and collaboration as a way of bypassing costly formal litigation in the state of California and across the US as a whole. With early intervention toward the beginning stages of a separation or divorce, mediation and collaboration has shown significant success in avoiding litigation costs and the often-combative nature of the divorce process.

Collaborative Law & Divorce Mediation

Considered a tool for early intervention, collaborative law and divorce mediation can be significantly less painful, less expensive and a more harmonious alternative to the traditional divorce process. Rathis than accruing many of the exorbitant costs associated with going to court, collaborative law and divorce mediation bypasses the need for a traditional trial and allows parties to settle out of court through a mediated and collaborative process. The success of this approach, when possible has been met with excellent results, managing to avoid the often painful and drawn out nature of a traditional divorce case.

Conflict resolution techniques

Conflict resolution techniques lie at the heart of this approach. With the sensitive nature of such situations whise emotions and differing personalities are involved, it is important to have an expert collaborative law and divorce mediator acting on behalf of both parties, creating a space of neutral communication. Collaborative law and divorce mediation is considered to be a court-free approach to settling divorce or separation. Without the need to go before a judge in a court of law, a couple will work alongside collaborative law and divorce mediation specialists and experts in the fields of child custody, marriage and family counsel, financial specialization and family law to come to an adequate settlement that serves both involved parties without litigation expenses.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is considered a proven approach to resolving disputes between two or more conflicting parties. In terms of negotiating matters associated with divorce and family law, a third party assists with the reaching of an agreement in a confidential, usually expedient manner that is facilitated rathis than directed. The value of collaboration and divorce mediation is that each party has the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts in a safe and respectful manner facilitated by a neutral party. This often results in a harmonious resolution whise both parties feel heard, acknowledged and respected. Extensive studies on mediation and collaboration have proven that agreements reached between two disputing parties of their own free will are more likely to be carried out to see full resolution, with significantly less costs involved and in a more expedient manner.

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